Social Responsibility

Committed to Social Well-being

Continuously, we collaborate with the Ciudad Santa María Foundation. Ciudad Santa María is an Educational, Community, and Catholic Center, co-created by the Catholic Church, various Government entities such as the Social Security Institute, the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Santiago, the Synergies Cares Foundation, the Community, represented by the family that donated part of the land, and the Ciudad Santa María Volunteerism, including both Young Volunteers and Ladies from the City of Santiago, among others.

The objective of the Ciudad Santa María Educational and Community Center, supported by all the companies sponsoring the Heart of Christmas, is to create a model of public and bilingual education that can be replicated in different geographical areas of Santiago and the Northern region.

The pilot project is supported by a group of companies and institutions that believe that only through the power of 21st-century education, the Government and the Private Sector can position our country in 20 years in a privileged competitive position, based on innovation, technology, social inclusion, and the development of the capacities of the vast majority of young Dominicans, our students from public schools.